Trafficking - Special Ops Teams - Operating Budget

Trafficking - Special Ops Teams - Operating Budget

Annual Budget: $480,000 / year


For the past decade, the XX Network (XX) has been combating the child sex-trafficking industry across the globe. We have undertaken operations throughout Southeast Asia and Africa, and more recently in the United States. Despite deep trust networks with sophisticated partners and proven prevention, rescue, and placement strategies, there is still so much more to be done.


XX operates at the frontline of counter-trafficking, represented by experts across various disciplines:

▪ Military Intelligence – for the elicitation of crucial information and evidence.

▪ Special Forces – for the planning and coordination of covert operations.

▪ Undercover Investigators – for strategic access to victims and traffickers in the field.

XX engages trusted local and international partners to infiltrate organized trafficking syndicates and networks. These relationships are crucial because effective counter-trafficking is a collaborative effort. 

XX combats the trafficking of minors into the sex industry through:

▪ Covert Investigations: we work with strategic government departments, enforcement agencies, and NGOs to ensure our infiltration operations result in cases that can be prosecuted in a court of law.

▪ Coordinated ‘Sting’ Operations: we plan, coordinate, and assist raids on trafficking networks based on proven Intel and hard evidence.

▪ Smart Rescue: we assist in the recovery journey of each victim to maximize the likelihood of successful rehabilitation and reintegration.

Longevity is crucial to winning the fight against organized crime. XX strictly adheres to privacy protocols and security measures to sustain its undercover operations. XX works within appropriate legal frameworks to protect investigators and their collected intelligence.

XX intentionally maintains a low public profile and avoids taking credit for operational successes; you will not see our name in the public domain.

Your Call to Action: Transactions in the child sex industry have now surpassed those in the illegal arms business. With your help, we are saving children who have already been entrapped as well as systematically dismantling the industry to prevent the devastation of children in the future.



XX is an international team of experts dedicated to ending the global sex-trafficking of minors by dismantling organized crime operations and prosecuting individuals who profit from this modern-day slavery.

Vision - To see the holistic liberation of every child enslaved in the sex industry into a world where sex trafficking no longer exists


▪ To rescue minors through evidence-based ‘sting’ operations and strategic integration programs 

▪ To enforce justice on child sex-trafficking networks through local prosecutors and legal systems

▪ To equip partners in counter-trafficking techniques through alliances with experts across multiple disciplines


We prioritize every child’s immediate safety and long-term recovery. Simply, a child’s welfare must come first. We strictly monitor the safety of each child throughout rescue operations to minimize related trauma. Post rescue, we safely transfer victims to verified organizations for recovery and integration. We are fiercely committed to long-term wins.  We operate with the rewards of long-term success in mind, at times at huge personal risks and at the expense of quick wins. We are willing to operate in high-need, high-risk scenarios - often gaps left by federal/local police or NGOs without the flexibility to act as we do.

We operate with tactical intelligence in the field

Our team’s deep experience and expertise in covert, deep-cover missions and intelligence gathering (including cyber intelligence) enables us to maximize child and team safety as well as prosecution outcomes. We operate with precision and efficiency.

We deploy the best agents and keep them healthy

We only accept the most capable agents through a rigorous recruitment process. We appreciate the potential toll of the work and employ strict protocols that include regular counselling and psychological evaluations to sustain the long-term impact of our work.



In 2019/20 XX focused on direct small-scale rescues, syndicate infiltration collaborations, and advanced counter-trafficking training.

Case study: Pursuing a Perpetrator 1

Key highlights


▪ a two-month old baby rescued from being sold to sex traffickers and undergoing adoption in South East Asia.

▪ a one day old baby rescued from being trafficked in South East Asia.

▪ a one month old baby rescued after being trafficked and sold into an illegal adoption ring. 

▪ A nine week old baby rescued from a brothel and transferred to an NGO safe house.

▪ A 19-year old girl rescued from slave labor and returned to her family in the Philippines.

▪ A 16-year old girl rescued from a brothel and undergoing medical treatment in Cambodia.

▪ 26 minors rescued and undergoing full-time rehabilitation.


▪ Asia network infiltration case involving 20 children, traffickers, and orphanages. 

▪ Network infiltration involving children below the age of 16. (ongoing) 

▪ four arrests and convictions of American citizens for sexually abusing multiple minors (boys and girls). FBI collaboration to ensure US trial and conviction after release in Asia.

▪ Eight foreign confirmed sexual predators: Evidence referred to local authorities and agencies for preparation of legal proceedings. (ongoing)

▪ Online trafficking syndicate involving minors in South East Asia. (ongoing)


▪ XX US infiltration team trained in advanced counter trafficking.

▪ Southeast Asian NGO trained in cyber security.

▪ Multiple Cambodian Anti-Trafficking NGO’s trained in surveillance and investigation, and security protocols.

▪ British Consulate: Training in the current trends of trafficking in S.E.A.


XX Network 2020 Report

The successful arrest of Alexander Trofimov (Russian) on 17 charges of sexual abuse of minors, with the youngest victim just six years old.

Despite the successful execution of abuse charges, further investigation into his involvement with international trafficking have not been pursued (due to reasons beyond our control). 

Trofimov was deported to Russia after an (unofficial) case leak triggered an international demand for swift justice. Trofimov posed as a businessman with suspected links to the Russian mafia. Further information about this story can be found here*.

The XX Financial Integrity Statement 

• XX commits to keeping you informed of budget status and fund allocation (annual)

• XX commits to keeping you informed of team and projects status (annual)

• XX commits to delivering a Donors Report (annual)

• XX is registered in the UK under TMW (registered charity)

• XX is registered in the US under Iris Global (A+ audited 501c3).

• XX is compliant with UK (HM & Customs), US, and Cambodian legal requirements.

• XX maintains accounting and financial reports via The Mission Worldwide (Cambodia) 

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