Uganda Missionaries - One Time Furlough - Orphans - Trafficking

Uganda Missionaries  - One Time Furlough - Orphans - Trafficking

Help the Workmans Furlough - $20,000 one time

Tyler and I and our kids (for sure five are coming, but we hope Dennis will get a tourist visa and be able to come, too!) will be coming to the States this summer. Our dates are not set for sure yet, but we are working on that :) We were supposed to come last year, but Covid happened and (as we all know so well) the world came to a halting stop.

Because of that, it has been three years since we were in America as a family. Tyler has been back a couple of times for work and I was there for 5 days in 2019, but the kids haven’t been to the States since May 18, 2018. They have grown and changed and don’t even remember much of what the US is like. It’s been a long time. Shamilah even asked me the other day if I think there is still Chick-fil-a over there!

All that to say - we are really trying to make it a special time for everyone!

One of the biggest challenges we face when coming to America on furlough is the financial burden it puts on us as a family. We still have to maintain the house we rent in Uganda and then have America expenses on top of that. Our salary isn’t made for a family who lives in the States. It is so stressful for us every time we consider a trip back home. Groceries. Fuel. Eating out. Clothes. Life things. Camps. And then this year we need to buy a car because one car for eight people is challenging - especially when one of our goals is for the kids to be able to join in some fun summertime activities.

Anyway, so we are hoping to raise $25,000 in order for us to come home, buy a used car and not have to be stressed and pinching pennies the entire time. If you know us, you know that we aren’t going to go wild and crazy...but we hope to be able to eat meat more than once a week (like we do now), go to the movies, go out to eat, buy a few used bicycles to ride around, take our kids for the experience of shopping at a mall...and things like that :)

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